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Download Greeting Cards Android Source Code From MobileAppsGallery

This greeting cards android source code is the finest for showing any forms of Cards, greeting cards as well as wallpaper with text and picture.

In this initial will be a show of primary display photo which includes 4 types of buttons.

1. Text:
Android Apps Source Code

When you press on this button it will direct to a different look which showing list of text information and when you simply click on the subject it will yet again show primary look with chosen text.

2. Photo:
When you simply click on this button then it will direct to picture gallery perspective where you can choose any pictures from your cell phone or from provided library as well as from your android camera and it will show on primary display with chosen image and chosen text will appear on the display. As a result of that now you have prepared with your card and text.

3. Edit Text:
When you press on this button it will direct to update screen from where you can modify text font color, font size, font visibility.

4. Done:
Regulate the text on photo by pulling text and then press on done button it will direct to upcoming screen from where you can have a choice to promote your card with Twitter, Email and Facebook as well as download to your android as well as by Email.

How to convert this android application source code to application as per your needs? First of all change the images of all such as screen1.png, 57.png and details_bg.png. After that you should modify the provided information from xml file with your real data. Then switch provided photo gallery picture. At last run app and view your new apps with your own information as per you desires. Now you are in a position to set this application in Android app store Market place for sell.

You can download this Android source code from http://www.mobileappsgallery.com/free-android-apps/51/greeting-cards-with-text-photo-android-source-code-apps-for-sell/

Features of this Android
  • Use simple to navigate.
  • Photo gallery includes performance.
  • Simple to manage and transform provided information.
  • Update text with choices such as size, color, place and transparency.
  • E-mail and SMS to your buddy.
  • Promote on Twitter, Facebook and download to gadget.
From this android source code download you can develop your own applications like as wallpaper with gorgeous text and audio, good morning cards, Christmas cards.

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