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In an age when almost everything is possible on your mobile phones, it is only natural that people are inquisitive to know whether it is possible to make your own works of art on the small screen of mobile phones. In that regard, let us see best touch paint and sketch draw applications which allow you to do just that. MobileAppsGallery is best place for promote your apps. We also provide free android applications with download facility for you.

Touch & paint is an amazing app that allows you to create images, write notes, and even paint on top of images that are on your device's storage space. Touch & Paint has many features like to change background and writing colors, the size of dots and lines you sketch, the ability to set a picture to be the backdrop, and a fun tool known as radial sketch. Touch & Paint is excellent to use of kids and all people or as a paint app for yourself. MobileAppsGallery also provide android apps source code affordable rate. You have best opportunity to buy and download android application source code with 25% discount on rate.

Touch & Paint Android Apps Source Code

Features of the Touch & Paint Android App:

  • Easy to Touch & paint with your fingers
  • Drawing with different Colors
  • Background Change with Different Colors
  • drawing image save and remove in phone
  • Share it to your friends via Twitter, Email, MMS.

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Buy Touch & Paint Android Source Code

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MobileAppsGallery provide amazing application and games source code like IQ Test app, Runner game, Kids stories application and many more source codes. We also provide innovative android apps source code with reasonable price. MobileAppsGallery gives special 25% discount on buy android source code for Valentine’s Day Application. It’s really true and nice offer for user.

Quiz or IQ Test Android Apps Source Code

The Quiz / IQ test android apps used to check your IQ and your friends IQ in a few minutes and given your every question solution of 5 types individually. We do not allow moving back only simple because we wish you to verify yourself.
Quiz or IQ Test Android Source Code
The IQ Test app source code, in this application you only need to change images, Questions & Answers that's it you are done with your new app to put in android market. In this code you need to first enter your Name, than it will automatically start the test set1, each set has 10 to 15 questions; you have multiple choices for answers, at the end of the set detailed summary with correct answers display. Your result will store in this app, when you play next time it will show your previous result.

Kids Stories Android Apps Source Code

Kids Stories android apps for kids, but here are some of our favorites. Here we get strong and discover ten of the best free android apps for kids. The kids will be happy, you'll be treated, and, if you select your applications properly, they might even understand something while they play.
Kids Stories Android Source Code

Kids Stories android apps source code first will be a display of Main screen image and then when you tap to that screen it will navigate to inner screen where you will get list of all the audio files with name, image & description. When you tap on any file it will navigate to third main screen where your audio files will play automatically. We have given a play, pause, next & previous options; you can also see the time progress bar for the audio files.

Runner Game Android Source Code

Runner game android source code if you like Runner2!  It’s best android game now available for your android device. There are best ways to stay fit using your android Smartphone. Chances are you will want to download one of these best android games for runner.
Runner Game Android App Source Code

Using this Runner game source code, you can create so many games. You can take any character any name and rename this source code by name & images. Runner game android source code provides more facility and features like stylish graphics, Jump, crawl or hit to bypass all the blocker, Life and difficult modes and many more. You can challenge your friends and all other players worldwide.

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Today Android is very popular OS in mobile world. Android is Linux-based OS developed basically for touch screen mobile like as smart phones and tablet PC. Android is an open source system produced by Google. I think you also need to see your unique app in android market than what will you do? How can you make your different apps for android? The following is the solution; you have gone to MobileAppsGallery, they provide many latest android apps source code ready to launch in Android Play Store or Android market.

MobileAppsGallery is a best website that offers iPhone and Android apps source code, a place to sell your apps source code. You can buy source code for android apps like gun builder, photo effects, Real Estate, Daily Deals, Music Bouncing Ball, Dress up games, Magazine Cover Page, Touch and Paint, Sketch, Draw, Quiz Questions, IQ Test and many other source codes at 25% discount. Download these source codes and from that you can easily develop android apps according to your requirement and also get more profit from your apps.

You can generally buy source code for android apps get completely tips and data associated to your encouraged topic. We have given important sources on iPhone and android apps with complete info about applications. MobileAppsGallery is a best place to buy android apps source code. To buy and download any apps source codes please visit MobileAppsGallery now.