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Download Greeting Cards iPhone App Source Code From MobileAppsGallery


This iPhone application source code is the most effective for showing any kinds of cards, greeting cards and background with word and picture. In this iPhone code initially you can show buttons on primary display photo which includes buttons called text, audio, photo, edit text and last done.

When you press on text button then it will browse through to a different perspective which showing record of text content and when you press on the subject it will once again show main perspective with chosen text. When you click on this audio button will browse through to audio gallery view where you can choose any sound from provided gallery you can also hear it and then select include. As a result of it will instantly include to your card.

iPhone Apps With Source CodeWhen you click on photo button it will browse through to image gallery view where you can choose any Photos from your cell or from presented library or from your iPhone digital camera. And it will show on main screen with picked image and chosen text will appear on the display. As form now you have all set with your card and text. When you simply click on edit button it will browse through to modify display where you can modify text font size, font shade, font visibility. Change the text on picture by pulling text and right after that click on done key. It will browse through to following screen from where you can have a choice to promote your card with Facebook, by sending SMS, Twitter as well as by email and download to your iPhone.

Features of greeting cards android app:
  • Audio gallery adds features.
  • Change word with choices as per your needs such as color, dimension, location and visibility
  • Promote on Facebook, SMS, twitter, email to your friends and download to iPhone
  • Simple to use the tap navigation.
  • Simple to control and modify provided data.
  • Photo gallery adds features.
To download this apps source code click here
From download these source code you can able to develop apps such as any type of wallpaper with wonderful text and audio. You can also develop apps like thank you cards as well as more cards related about valentine days, good morning, Christmas and a lot more etc.

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Top 3 Photo Editing Android App Source Code on Sell


Mobileappsgallery provide best source code and apps for users. Mobileappsgallery also offer android apps with source code sale with 25% discounts Christmas available for low cost. It is really true, now mobileappsgallery.com gives you any applications source code with 25% discount lower price on its price level. Customer can download any source code from us and this is best opportunity their Christmas 2012 exclusive gift.

Photo Collage, Photo Editor Android App Source Code for sell

Get artistic, have fun, and share your collages with friends and family with the Collage app. Convert your photos collection into wonderful collages only limited by your creativity.
Photo Editor Android App Source Code
Features of the app: Photo Collage Maker
  • User interface following the Android Design Guidelines!
  • Load multiple images from the gallery.
  • Take photos with your camera and add them directly to your collage.
  • Using camera takes multiple shots at one time and you can also apply effects at camera capture type.
  • You can change the background.
  • Share your collage using your entire phone's sharing applications: twitter, face book, Gmail, Bluetooth etc.
Mobileappsgallery will be grateful to hear to your opinions and try to improve - whenever required - in future versions, please visit us on http://www.mobileappsgallery.com/free-android-apps/2039/photo-collage-photo-editor-android-app-source-code-apps-for-sell/

Photo Decoration, Dress up Game Android App Source Code for sell

Get artistic, have fun, and share your photo with friends and family with the Photo Description app. Convert your photos collection into wonderful photo only limited by your creativity.

Features of the application: Photo Decoration
  • Dress up Game Android App Source Code User interface following the Android Design Guidelines!
  • Load photo image from the gallery.
  • Take photo with your camera and add them directly to your Photo decorate.
  • Add and edit text to your photo with your special message.
  • Decorate your photo with funny clip arts. More than 100 to choose from!
  • If you have any problem with handle photo decoration app then help provided.
  • Share your photo using your entire phone's sharing applications: twitter, Face book, Gmail, Bluetooth etc.
Mobileappsgallery will be grateful to hear your opinions and try to improve - whenever required - in future versions, if you have or wanted your text or card to be included in this App and buy android source code Please visit us on http://www.mobileappsgallery.com/free-android-apps/2083/photo-decoration-dressup-game-android-app-source-code-apps-for-sell/

Photo Editor, Photo Effects Android Apps Source Code for sell
Photo Effects Android Apps Source Code
Features Included in this android apps:
  • Add any photo of your Gallery
  • Easy Edit photos, apply effects, add frames, save back to your phone
  • many different Brightness and Color Mix To your Photo
  • Background Change with Different Colors
  • Easy Implements to your Photos

Download Greeting Cards Android Source Code From MobileAppsGallery


This greeting cards android source code is the finest for showing any forms of Cards, greeting cards as well as wallpaper with text and picture.

In this initial will be a show of primary display photo which includes 4 types of buttons.

1. Text:
Android Apps Source Code

When you press on this button it will direct to a different look which showing list of text information and when you simply click on the subject it will yet again show primary look with chosen text.

2. Photo:
When you simply click on this button then it will direct to picture gallery perspective where you can choose any pictures from your cell phone or from provided library as well as from your android camera and it will show on primary display with chosen image and chosen text will appear on the display. As a result of that now you have prepared with your card and text.

3. Edit Text:
When you press on this button it will direct to update screen from where you can modify text font color, font size, font visibility.

4. Done:
Regulate the text on photo by pulling text and then press on done button it will direct to upcoming screen from where you can have a choice to promote your card with Twitter, Email and Facebook as well as download to your android as well as by Email.

How to convert this android application source code to application as per your needs? First of all change the images of all such as screen1.png, 57.png and details_bg.png. After that you should modify the provided information from xml file with your real data. Then switch provided photo gallery picture. At last run app and view your new apps with your own information as per you desires. Now you are in a position to set this application in Android app store Market place for sell.

You can download this Android source code from http://www.mobileappsgallery.com/free-android-apps/51/greeting-cards-with-text-photo-android-source-code-apps-for-sell/

Features of this Android
  • Use simple to navigate.
  • Photo gallery includes performance.
  • Simple to manage and transform provided information.
  • Update text with choices such as size, color, place and transparency.
  • E-mail and SMS to your buddy.
  • Promote on Twitter, Facebook and download to gadget.
From this android source code download you can develop your own applications like as wallpaper with gorgeous text and audio, good morning cards, Christmas cards.

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Download Photo Collage And Real Estate Android Application Source Code


Photo Collage Android Application Source Code for Sell

MobileAppsGallery provide best android application source code of photo editor. You can easily organize your pictures attractively with these photo editor android apps as per your requirements. From download this android app with source code you can simply obtain imaginative, have enjoyment as well as share your collages with friends and relatives with this amazing collage android application. These apps easily turn your pictures collection into awesome collages only limited by your creativity.

Features of the Photo Editor Application
  • Quickly load multiple photos from the gallery.
  • Preserve and fill your collages.
  • Modify your images with the effects and structures.
  • Making use of camera considers multiple injections at on one occasion and as well as you can also implement effects at camera capture type.
  • You can modify the background.
  • You can alter text with text change shade, darkness and border.
  • Promote your collage using all your spreading apps such as Facebook, Twitter, gmail and many more etc.
  • Garnish your collages with crazy clip arts. You can choose among more than 100 from it.
  • Get pictures with your camera and include them straight to your collage.
  • User interface following the android layout suggestions!
  • Include and modify text to your collage with your exclusive concept.
Want to download this Android application source code than follow http://www.mobileappsgallery.com/free-android-apps/2039/photo-collage-photo-editor-android-app-source-code-apps-for-sell/

You can download free android applications from MobileAppsGallery.

Real Estate Android Source Code for Sell

Features of Real Estate Property Android App
  • Quickly gain access to more than 20,000 properties for purchase and lease in India
  • Display real estate details, satellite, gallery images, maps.
  • Display city in all types of category
  • Display several record of city

MobileAppsGallery sell ios source code at reasonable rates. You can download ios source code related iPhone, iPad and many more etc.

Follow http://www.mobileappsgallery.com/free-android-apps/2240/real-estate-daily-deals-android-source-code-apps-for-sell/ to download this source code.

Buy Latest Android Source Code with 25% Discount from MobileAppsGallery


These days Android is very famous OS in mobile world. Android Industry is the place where you can obtain many apps for your Android Device. I think you also want to see your unique application in Android market then what will you do? How can you create your unique apps for Android? The following is the solution, you have to go to mobileappsgallery.com they give many newest android source code geared up to launch in Android App Store or Android market.

Buy Android Apps Source Code from MobileAppsGallery

1. Real Estate, Daily Deals for Android Source Code

Real Estate Android apps enable you to get more information about property dealings in Indian or anything you choose nation in App. You can watch many village lists where there properties are on sell or on lease.

You can also able to watch map and satellite pictures of the properties. Now if you want to get this app source code then you can set your unique apps by using these codes. They also give customized services of any application source code you buy.

2. Photo Decoration Android App Source Code

This app source code is on top selling list in MobileAppsGallery. By using this application you can customize your photos with amazing photo frames. You have to just add your photo from gallery and choose one frame for it and it's done. This application provides facility to share your customized photos on Face book and Twitter wherever you want.

When you buy Photo Decoration Android app source code then you can make it your own application in Android Market. You have to just customize some pictures of frames and colors also. MobileAppsGallery also give app development and customization service when you can get your app with customized features.

3. Photo Collage, Photo Editor Android Application Source Code

Photo Collage Android app allows you to create your photos wonderful with customized frames and text. You can add your photos from gallery and create it various by using custom frames, backgrounds and text with notes. This app is also providing you facility to sharing your customized photos in Face book, Twitter and Tumbler.

After buying this application source code you have to make some changes in design and this app will be yours, you can now upload it on Android Market and earn some revenue from it.

To buy mobile applications source code visit http://www.mobileappsgallery.com/

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MobileAppsGallery provides best iphone app source code for sale with 25% Discount. You can also download free iphone apps for your iPhone device. MobileAppsGallery also provides android source code selling services worldwide.

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Get Latest Android Source Code for Beginner Android App Developer


Android OS that Google purchased in 2005 will undoubtedly be more powerful in the upcoming years. A number of suggestions were presented to the smartphone and many were disappointed but discontent is primarily because of the design of the phone and the Android OS has confirmed to be a serious opponent to other mobile device operating system.

These days, there are lots of various smartphone operated by Android OS such as Samsung galaxy S3 which was mentioned to be as iPhone killer. Undoubtedly, this mobile OS is the quickest increasing OS for smartphone devices. In 2008, the first Android OS based smartphone was launched. Recently, Android OS has obtained the head in sales of smartphone. These indicate that there are a lot more than user of Android than iPhone and Blackberry.
Latest Android Source Code
An additional factor is why you should select the one on Google as a best platform mainly because it is continue to in its beginnings. If you have a profession, I consider it is really ideal to select a profession with a higher prospective of earnings while with minimal level of competition. This is accurately what Android application programmer has for these days. These days, high ranges of programmer are targeted to develop iPhone application and also Blackberry applications. There are just a couple of developers creating android app that satisfy end user. Today, many companies offer free android app download services at affordable rates. Mobile apps sales arrive at $16 billion in 2013. I believe there are great feature of Android application developer in upcoming years.

To develop a profession in this range appears to be excellent. A lot of person these days, appreciate by basically developing mobile apps. Few of are simply working for a passion and generate some cash from their hobby. They have a concept and then they apply their concept into reality. Several other people got the concept and they also purchase latest android source code easily from them at reasonable rates. It seems to be to be extremely easy. You require to having knowledge of Java programming. You require guidelines that begin your career in developing Android apps.

Popular companies also allowed their customer to download source code for iPhone applications easily at cost-effective price. From source code download you acquire lots of benefits to make growth in your business at rapid speed.

Get Exclusive 25% Discount on Any iPhone Apps Source Code


MobileAppsGallery provides iPhone app with source code at very reasonable prices. Also it offers 25% discount on every source code you buy. So get your iPhone app source codes which are ready to launch on app store. You have not to west your time and money on creating your application, just visit Mobileappsgallery.com and choose any iPhone app with source code you want to publish it on App Store. They also provides app customization service to give your app new look.

Today iPhone is most popular device in younger generation and its necessary needs of every person. All iPhone devices are not fully useful without third party Applications. So everyone wants new apps to make their daily work easy. There are thousands of Applications in App Store now to fulfill your needs. You can also submit your app on App Store if you have ready app to publish on iTune store. Here is the question, where to find iPhone application source code? So we can upload it on iTune. Don’t worry here is the answer for your every questions, just visit http://www.mobileappsgallery.com/ and you’ll find iphone source code as well as android source code for sale with customized images and sounds.
source code for iphone applications

Here is the list of top selling free iPhone apps with source code which you can buy from Mobileappsgallery

1. Shopping application source code

Shopping Application is giving you facility to buy any products any time anywhere. This application is eCommerce based and if buy this app source code then you can add your own products in it. This source code is on sell now with 25% discount, so what are you looking for? Just follow the link and buy the code and make it your own app.

2. Pill Reminder/Birthday Reminder/Task Reminder iPhone Apps Source Code

Pill reminder or Birthday reminder is free iphone apps allows you to set time and date for the appropriate task. You just have to set the time and date and the application will remind you when to do that task. It’s very easy to make different applications by using one source code.

3. Magazine Cover Page iPhone Apps Source Code

Magazine cover page iPhone application enables you to make your own magazine with your own photos and texts. You just have to set your photo as cover page of any famous magazine and write your own text on it. After buying this app source code you have to just modify some images and make some changes in design and after that you can upload it on App Store, it is very easy.

Source: http://mobileappsgallery.multiply.com/journal/item/3/Get-Exclusive-25-Discount-on-Any-iPhone-Apps-Source-Code

Latest Paid and Free Android Apps by Mobile Apps Gallery


1. Esperanto Vocabulary

Esperanto Vocabulary apps are free and help you improving your vocabulary and reading skills. This free android apps is designed to help Esperanto speakers in the intermediate and advanced levels to improve their learn vocabulary skills.
Android Application

The Dead Forever android apps chargeable app, It’s a third person zombie shooter that was developed in unity free 3d. We are on a weekly basis update plan and won’t stop until the game is in full release. If you want android application source code then visit us.
Android apps
3. Brands

Brand app stay in touch with your favorite brands and receive offers, this android apps allows you to keep in touch with your favorite brands. Know what is happening, receive offers and get the benefits of staying in touch. We also provides android source code app download.
Android Applications download
4. A Find the Difference for Free

Find the differences free android app download between two pictures with two-player versus mode, Find the differences between two pictures in time, Touch on either picture to mark the difference. Observation skills are sharpened as you search for the differences. The clock is ticking, and the available helps must be used wisely. Challenge a friend or family in the two-player versus mode! High quality images, works equally great on phones and tablets.
download android apps
5. Hill Climb Racing

This free android app features cool graphics and smooth physics simulation, you can modify car this android app, 4 stages available with levels to reach in each eye-catching this android app source code, real turbo sound when you upgrade your engine. If you want purchase android source code then visit.
Download Free Android Apps
6. Dragon Drinks

Dragon Drinks is an interactive drinking android apps game. No need for cards or dice. Tap cards to get challenges. Place a jug in the center of the table and drinks are added throughout the game. Try not to get the dragon card or you have to drink the jug. Long press the cards at any time to bring up a list of rules. Upgrade to pro to get rid of ads.
Android Apps Download

Hire Ideal Expert Android Application Developer


Android is a smart mobile application software program, that is developed by Google. An open source program permits its people to provide and spread the apps on the internet and obtain the right price of target audience. Android creates the lifestyle of those exciting who relates to the smart mobile market. It creates the life more superior and simply.

The greatest point about android apps is that to offer no sky for additional development. It regularly increases the user interface and knowledge in terms and conditions of extra technology.

It is actually not very difficult to hire a expert android application developer nowadays. Several who are specialists in this particular field are accessible at extremely very affordable prices. There is a major require for android applications developed. While Android development does not need hugely specialized skill, you require to hire the best android application developer for your Android app development.

Most of the major advantages of applying android for Android app development are:

Getting an open source method android apps are readily available at really lower price everywhere and anywhere and are extremely simple to install. It needs a small investment but provides actual big profits as it appears out the ideal and extra helpful to all other smart mobile application development software programs.

Android apps are composed making use of Java language. Java is one among the most reliable and generally applied language for mobile application development. So, usage of Java creates android the most trusted and best mobile app development method for the users.

Android is highly beneficial in generating easy and simple to follow apps and it helps withdrawals and promoting of the apps correctly to increase online business.

The apps created via android apps have simply included features with other apps. You can simply include the list of applications offered for you, with no any need of installing latest new software.

One of many ideal functions of using android apps is you'll get appropriate alert and details alerts on well timed base anytime you are working with android apps.
When doing work for the mobile phone or programs, speed is among the large problems. Using android apps you'll appreciate the higher-speed satisfaction.

The apps created using android applications have a lot more rich functions and advantages from the mobile application development market. To best the hire android app developer for Android app development is not really a big problem but also includes some essential factors, you require to consider in mind.

The 1st step in android app developers is mix verifying their finish background. They should have good looking knowledge from the related field making sure that can offer you the most ideal android app based to your business requires. You must verify their profile and the type of work they've completed in past and what you are able of performing for you.



The Android OS has currently created its existence believed in the mobile smart phone technology than almost every other OS could. This is mostly because of its efficient and regular up-gradation together with the reality that it is extremely affordable by everyone and anyone. Additionally, the various different that come with the Android operating system cannot be equaled by any other OS. It is because of these motives that it is continue to leading the charts of operating system regardless of all the other main competition all over the earth.

The Android operating system offers incredible platform for the development of some of the ideal applications humankind has ever observed and used. Most of this credit goes to the well certified, innovative and highly expert android application developers who work their heart out in creating these awesome applications. A few of these applications are too good to consider.
A lot of us know the usefulness of these android apps up to the individual entertainment stage only.

Even so, it is worth realizing that the Android operating system can also confirm to be extremely valuable in different types of businesses when it is paired with similarly highly effective applications.

This is absolutely a challenging task. Even so, with the skills and commitment of the android app developers, nothing at all is difficult. Lastly, you wind up obtaining wonderfully android apps development earning good remarks for your quality of considering and expertise of your business enterprise. The price that these android application developers cost is practically nothing when compared to the income that these applications can carry to your business.

Hire Professional Android Developer For Best Android Apps Development


Android is a software for mobile devices developed by Google. Open source platform that allows users to sell and android apps on the Internet and collect the right amount of spectators. Android makes life more interesting questions in the mobile market. It makes life better and easier.

The best free android apps is that there is no paradise for the android apps development, but the user interface and experience is constantly being improved in terms of advanced technology.
It is very difficult to hire a professional Android developers these days. Many people who are experts in this field are, at very reasonable prices. There is a great need to develop an application. Although the development of Android does not require high technical skills required are best suited for developing applications for Android developers to adjust.

Some of the major advantages of using Android for Android Apps Development are:
As an open-source program for Android apps are at low prices and easy to install widely available. This requires a small investment, but there is a very large, as it turned out, the best and most useful of all the other programs, the development of mobile applications.


Applications written in the Java language. Java is a language that is reliable and widely used for the mobile apps development companies For example, you can use Java for Android is the development of mobile applications, more reliable and better for the users.

Android is a Linux application that allows you the most important applications for mobile application and mobile access allows you to develop rich and powerful.

Android is primarily used for simple and easy to follow and allows applications to distribution and sale of Internet applications effectively to enhance online business.

Applications developed for Android software is easy to integrate the functionality of other applications. You can easily integrate all the applications available, without having to load a new software.

One of the best features of an free apps for android with you timely notification, alarms and alerts to get information quickly when it is running Android applications.
While working on mobile systems, the speed is a serious problem. The use of applications for Android, you can high-speed fun.

Applications developed with the software for Android much richer in features and advantages of the mobile application development industry. Rent for the best android apps development on a major problem, but it has some important things to look into his eyes.

To compare the first step in setting the Android developers complete their records. Must have experience in similar beautiful place, so that they give a company that needs the best program on your Android. You should check your portfolio and the type of work they have in the past and what they can do for you.

Amazing Offer Of Android Source Code Buy


Applications for the android source code is very useful for the company's goal is the android apps source code example expresses Federal source applications of this program is fully capable of obtaining Mobileappsgallery. Once you download you have to press right on the symbol of the Federal Open application and obtain all available Federal Express delivery. These two are the best examples of the android app, because many organizations are choosing this source code for android developer for the android that can develop the source code for Android apps such as this that can help people often.

Android applications source code is well known and important technological innovation mobile. It has multitasking features that allow multiple programs of source code for android applications to work and simple to switch from one program to another program of source code. Some of the main functions are e-mail, files, such as iBooks android apps source code and heart activity.

Technology has driven the excellent download android apps source code and this is one of the fundamental things that the Android is that they cover the whole world. The game titles on the phone above are excellent and the level of game titles for the android source code download are fully developed source code. You can also find multi-player gaming titles at various levels, which are mainly based on the planned strategies, game titles you can play all platforms, such as contests, evidence of war games, racing game titles , title blocks games, puzzles and many more.

Handset have changed the lives of large numbers and numbers maximized across the globe. No problem where you are, is simple contact their near and especially all the time. A contact on the keypad and you can argue with them. Latest Android Source Code is the largest source charm android apps source code that comes with a large screen and thousands of programs to make life simpler and easier. It has become a trend among the younger generation and android specialist are in great need. And the money is going to score software developers for the android that really specializes in creating useful and interesting. And it is simple to obtain.

Source code for android software services company providing solutions for the android and most communication devices and android source code. development application for the android applications source code could successfully make the Android Apps Source Code 3G far more entertaining. Android mobile application development is very useful and very necessary to develop android applications source code for media organization, entertainment, social. Use the source code for android application opens a person is effective for improving your organization, the latest news and the different types of games. integration organization database android offers different programs of the organization.

Right Way For Buy Latest Android Apps Source Code


Commonly, people looking for the latest android source code and programs of source code for android apps once when he bought a good phone, or can the tablet. There are several websites available through the Internet, which offers a completely free and paid downloads android games and applications for Android gadgets. Commonly this type of games and applications directly classified into several categories, like the last, the hottest and top ranking. They also have great feedback from users of any titles android games and apps.

Most of these sites contains pictures of the screen, as well as short films telling as the work of download android source code these games and applications. If you are looking for android apps source code then you can certainly have the Video Illustrations of passage, and the Action section on the website. Android can be used for the communication, and entertainment destination, and for the purpose of performance. Several categories can be found at these games, and applications, so you can choose according to their needs.

Of course signifigant number of free and paid Android Operating System games, programs, and also free ringtones for Android was introduced from day to day on the Internet. When this is free source code for android apps and totally free games android, most people think that these things are low quality. This is not true. Most of the android free games and apps droid duty free, which is often downloaded android applications source code from the Internet quality. But the real flaw is, some of the free application contains ads that appeared when you play sports or use of the android application. If you are looking for important content through the use of the content may be blocked by an ad that actually let you worried.

Commonly all the android apps source code allows you to subscribe to the RSS feed to allow you to get updated source code for android apps with typical applications and even games. Therefore it is possible to understand if there is the latest version of the application or a brand new one delivered in order, to get the droid applications for free. All this kind of application involves characterized by detailed instructions on how to use, user feedback and evaluation program required permissions, screenshots and a link page for direct download from the web page for your device and so on.

Often people get information about the android games and applications download source code for android apps via their friends instead of searching around the Internet for their assessments of users. Generally, individual and recommendations from famous people are important one that people give more weight to get android games for free, as well as free ringtones for Android. The taste of the people of the titles android apps source code for download games and applications varies depending on their age. To meet all the needs are enormous level of play, and the android applications source code were available in the category wise in the network.

According to some power users and system privileges some of the games, as well as applications are not running on the device. This problem can be solved by providing access to the application, if not, unless you want you can just delete the file and download new games. Android Operating System is created specifically for running several applications and games on a single platform of Operating Source code, so you have a lot of games and applications on one device.

Hit Android Applications Source Code For Download


One of the significant actions in the procedure of creating it all technology of mobile phones and other tele-communication device and their built in services has been the singlehanded appearance of the various amounts of android applications source code Managing. The fact that they are still increasing and some new edition of its improvement only add to this need. In short and simple these are the primary application that offer the central source for any type of os that is required in order to style the variety of designs for all Mobile phones, I Phones and other types such as the much in need Product computers.

The market of Android, blackberry, iphone, ipad is rising up very quickly and it has created the need of android applications source code.These days android centered specialist is on growth. Android is an managing program according to a red hat systemunix system kernel having coffee collection written in C. Android apps source code best suits latest source code for android There are many advantages of Android OS, like receive/send data over mobile networks, collections for 2D and 3D design, IPC, P2P, SQlite and many more. Android application runs only on android mobile phone. Same as iPhone and iPad uses iOS, which is an Apple’s item. iPhone applications also run only on Apple’s item.

Their main method can be found in segregating and then accordingly disseminating the multitude of software to assist in Google’s os in all its different types. The set up on different programs such as its middleware is a big process that needs specialised and ongoing after sales support. Thus in planning one self adequate and complete source code for android Computer file also known as the APK file, the Managing system is first developed and then collected with its various areas.

You must use Android OS applications by yourself so that you could get the real efficiency of the program and assess that you have to use them further or not. Competition of these apps source code for android are always trying to grow gossips about their bad efficiency which are completely bogus. Actually, they are reluctant of reputation of android OS that it has obtained in a brief. You always try to prevent these types of gossips and try them at your end.

Android Quiz Source Code


The Quiz/IQ Test Application, In this android quiz source code application you only free android apps quiz source code need to change images,Questions & Answers that's it you are done with your new app to put in android market.

In this code you need to first enter your Name, than it will automatically start the test set1, each set has 10 to 15 questions, you have multiple choice for answers, at the end of the set detailed summary with correct answers display. your result will store in this app, when you play next time It will show your previous result.

How to Change This Android App Source Code: All Mask Booth Android App

Step 1: Change Images : Screen1.png, icon images,inner mask images
Step2: Change the single xml file with your questions & answers.
Step3: Run Application and see your new application with your own data

That’s it, now You are ready to put this app in Android Google Market for sell.