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Latest Paid and Free Android Apps by Mobile Apps Gallery


1. Esperanto Vocabulary

Esperanto Vocabulary apps are free and help you improving your vocabulary and reading skills. This free android apps is designed to help Esperanto speakers in the intermediate and advanced levels to improve their learn vocabulary skills.
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The Dead Forever android apps chargeable app, It’s a third person zombie shooter that was developed in unity free 3d. We are on a weekly basis update plan and won’t stop until the game is in full release. If you want android application source code then visit us.
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3. Brands

Brand app stay in touch with your favorite brands and receive offers, this android apps allows you to keep in touch with your favorite brands. Know what is happening, receive offers and get the benefits of staying in touch. We also provides android source code app download.
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4. A Find the Difference for Free

Find the differences free android app download between two pictures with two-player versus mode, Find the differences between two pictures in time, Touch on either picture to mark the difference. Observation skills are sharpened as you search for the differences. The clock is ticking, and the available helps must be used wisely. Challenge a friend or family in the two-player versus mode! High quality images, works equally great on phones and tablets.
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5. Hill Climb Racing

This free android app features cool graphics and smooth physics simulation, you can modify car this android app, 4 stages available with levels to reach in each eye-catching this android app source code, real turbo sound when you upgrade your engine. If you want purchase android source code then visit.
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6. Dragon Drinks

Dragon Drinks is an interactive drinking android apps game. No need for cards or dice. Tap cards to get challenges. Place a jug in the center of the table and drinks are added throughout the game. Try not to get the dragon card or you have to drink the jug. Long press the cards at any time to bring up a list of rules. Upgrade to pro to get rid of ads.
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