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Android Quiz Source Code


The Quiz/IQ Test Application, In this android quiz source code application you only free android apps quiz source code need to change images,Questions & Answers that's it you are done with your new app to put in android market.

In this code you need to first enter your Name, than it will automatically start the test set1, each set has 10 to 15 questions, you have multiple choice for answers, at the end of the set detailed summary with correct answers display. your result will store in this app, when you play next time It will show your previous result.

How to Change This Android App Source Code: All Mask Booth Android App

Step 1: Change Images : Screen1.png, icon images,inner mask images
Step2: Change the single xml file with your questions & answers.
Step3: Run Application and see your new application with your own data

That’s it, now You are ready to put this app in Android Google Market for sell.